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Midwest Climate Collaborative

Midwest Tree Canopy Hub

An online resource for forestry efforts in the Midwest



The Midwest Climate Collaborative is an organization that envisions a carbon neutral, climate resilient, and interconnected Midwest region. We convene partners to achieve this vision. Our mission is to facilitate the development of a coherent Midwestern response to the climate crisis through acceleration of climate action, knowledge generation, and leader development led by a cross-sector collaboration of key organizations throughout the Midwest. 


Doing so we have created the Midwest Tree Canopy Hub to share the knowledge and resources of large cities across the Midwest. Currently, this is a resource for researchers and practitioners working on expanding tree canopy in the Midwest, developed with NSF CIVIC 2022 grant partners in Dane Co., WI; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO; and St. Louis, MO. We welcome other helpful tools and resources from other Midwestern cities as we build out this site.

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